Best Ceiling Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: September 27, 2021

Ceiling-mounted aircon has always been popular with business environments where wall spaces is at a premium. But they can also be an attractive option even in single or double-zone areas within households that have suspended ceilings. Here are the top 3 ceiling air conditioners tested by our reviews team.

by Tom Green
Best Ceiling Air Conditioner

Ceiling air conditioner units are particularly suited to business environments, such as a offices, schools, restaurants and shops. Whether a ceiling cassette system (mounted within a suspended ceiling) or the under-ceiling variety, the best ceiling air conditioner units can be relied on to provide effective cooling (and heating) when the wall space is at a premium.

Ceiling cassettes are the most common type of ceiling AC system, and the main body of the unit will be concealed within the suspended ceiling, with only a very thin and unobtrusive fascia left visible. If you have a suspended ceiling, these systems are a terrific idea, as they can direct cool air in four different directions.

Under-Ceiling units are better suited for larger commercial units. They are incredibly powerful, providing up to 14kW of cooling, and they can direct airflow for up to 10m away from the unit, making them absolutely perfect for long and narrow commercial or industrial premises.


Best Ceiling Air Conditioner – Top 3

After an extensive search for the best ceiling air conditioner, our team narrowed the selection down to three, manufactured by Senville, Mitsubishi and Pioneer.


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2 Mitsubishi MXZ2B20NA12018 More Info > Check Price >
3 Mitsubishi MXZ2B20NA12017 More Info > Check Price >


1. Best Ceiling Air Conditioner – Buyers Guide – Senville SENA-18IC-Z

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Topping our best ceiling mounted air conditioner systems review, here’s is a great cassette AC and heat pump combination from Senville, to provide reliable and efficient cooling/heating for your home or business. Seville’s AURA Series is covered by a 2-year warranty on parts, and a 7-year warranty on the compressor.

Keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter using the most advanced technology, the AURA Series can cool and heat at temperatures of up to -22F/-30C.

This unit is perfect for individual household rooms and also has a number of commercial applications

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2. Best Ceiling Air Conditioner – Buyers Guide – Mitsubishi MXZ2B20NA12018

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This inverter-driven two-zone air conditioning and heat pump system has ceiling-recessed indoor units, providing a wide airflow pattern and maximum air distribution. The system is subtly designed and is convenient to install either in a hard ceiling with an access panel or a drop ceiling.

Technologically advanced, the appliance is compatible with an optional wireless wall-mount controller, which enables the air conditioner to be controlled from a remote computer, smartphone or tablet.

With technology that is integral to the air conditioners’ sophisticated controls, the unit can detect temperature changes in a room or cooling/heating zone, and automatically set the speeds of the fans to provide the precise capacity and temperature control that will give the householder maximum comfort. These Mitsubishi units operate at a whisper-quiet noise level of just 19-35dBA.

The unit uses R410A refrigerant with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), 83% recyclable components, and washable filters made from natural materials.

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3. Best Ceiling Air Conditioner – Buyers Guide – Pioneer CYB Series Mini Spit System


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The Pioneer CYB Series Ductless Ceiling Mount MiniSplit system is a four in one appliance, offering not just air conditioning but also heating, dehumidification, and ventilation, making it ideal for climates.

One of the most affordably priced ceilings mounted air conditioners, Pioneer’s system is also one of the most advanced, built with advanced technologies for the most efficient cooling of single-zone residential units and even light commercial spaces.

This is a technologically sophisticated system, automatically adjusting the compressor for the necessary cooling or heating loads and using the minimum amount of electricity. The whisper-quiet operation of both the indoor and outdoor components of the system makes it all the more attractive for residential use, or for anywhere that requires noise to be kept to a minimum.

These Pioneer appliances are easy to install and are more affordably priced than many other ceiling air conditioning units. They have been carefully designed to blend into any decor, and the multi-function remote control is a joy to use in its simplicity.

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