Best Central Air Conditioner Review 2022

Last Updated: January 23, 2022

Our team tested the best central air conditioner units to compile the following buyers guide to the best central AC brands and systems for 2021

by Tom Green
Best Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner system is quite a major investment whether for the home or the workplace, so it’s vital that you choose a system that not only delivers value for money but also meets your needs. Picking the best central air conditioner from the range of products available is not an easy task if you don’t know what to look for. Our reviews team has undertaken research to find out which are the best central air conditioner appliances that are best suited to a wide range of pricing points.


Best Central Air Conditioner Units Reviewed

If you are looking for the best central air conditioner, it’s important to remember that brands really do matter. However, we have subjected all of these best central air conditioner units to the same scrutiny, highlighting the best features and value for money delivered by each.


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5 Coleman Air Conditioner More Info > Coleman Air Conditioner
6 Frigidaire Air Conditioner More Info > Frigidaire Air Conditioner
7 Goodman Air Conditioner More Info > Goodman Air Conditioner
8 Lennox Air Conditioner More Info > Lennox Air Conditioner
9 Rheem Air Conditioner More Info > Rheem Air Conditioner
10 Trane Air Conditioner More Info > Trane Air Conditioner



Why Buy the Best Central Air Conditioner?

Without a solid way of cooling your home, the summer months can be a big challenge. Having a central air conditioner installed is the perfect way to make life comfortable for you and your family. Over the years, the best central air conditioner units have been improved and developed to provide a long-lasting, eco-friendly and refreshing cooling effect.

The best central air conditioning units will use any existing ducts in your home to ensure you maintain the temperature of your choosing. Window units don’t this, swamp cooler also doesn’t work to create even temperatures. Choosing the best central air conditioners will allow you to control the flows of air around your house unlike conventional air conditioning products (which tend to be lacking in consistency and optimum comfort).

The best Central air conditioning units are not cheap. However, a once-off investment will reap rewards for many years. Choosing a quality product that cuts down on energy usage will enable you to cool your home saving money in the long run and cutting down on your carbon footprint. The Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) will clearly tell you how efficient a product is. When selecting one of the best central air conditioner units the higher the SEER score the better it will be at minimizing electricity usage.

Having the ability to remotely control the temperature of your home is one of the features of the best central air conditioner units. Not only is this feature efficient, but it is also exceptionally user-friendly. Remote access allows you to keep on top of how the unit is performing if there is a sudden change in the weather. The Modern best central air conditioner units in our review are also now compatible with a wide range of other thermostat-related products.

Modern AC units are remarkably quiet. You will be locating the best central air conditioner you choose outside your home so the last thing you want is a noisy machine. The levels of noise produced by AC units differ quite a lot. Choosing the best will produce a noise level below 60 decibels (conversation level) and will also include features aimed at reducing the levels of noise produced – fan designs, compressor and pan base insulation, and multiple fan settings.

The best Central air conditioner units in our review vary in size and shape. Choosing the one for you will depend on how big your home is and your local climate. There is a simple rule of thumb when making a decision – a large unit will cool a relatively big space. Make sure you discuss the best option for you with your contractor and remember that choosing the correct unit size will ensure you are also ensuring optimum unit effectiveness.



The Best Central Air Conditioner Units That Are the Most Energy Efficient


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Lennox

Those who choose the best central air conditioner units will look at units that are quiet, energy efficient and reliable when needed most in the depths of summer. The best central air conditioner units we reviewed all did just that. However, our survey found that the Lennox central air conditioners went that bit further. The number of extra features Lennox offers is extremely advanced giving you the extra advantage of maximising energy usage. They simply are the best when it comes to their SEER ratings, which come in at between 13 and 26 – the quietest machines we came upon when conducting our best central air conditioner unit review.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Amana

The range of best central air conditioner units by the Amana Corporation is worth considering. In terms of SEER these products come it at between 15 and 24.5. Other features include special coil/temperature sensors and speed adjustable fan motors. The range also offers a lifetime warranty. Whatever the temperature of levels of humidity outdoors these products are designed to maximise comfort ensuring a cool environment in your living space.

Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Trane

The best central air conditioner units produced by Trane are some of the best the market. They perform extremely well, they keep temperatures comfortable in the toughest of climates and boast durable designs that ensure an environmentally friendly output in warm environments. With an SEER rating of up to 22 their energy efficiency can be trusted.

Best Central Air Conditioner Units With the Best Warranties

Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Goodman

There are 5 best central air conditioner products in the Goodman range. When it comes to noise pollution they all can be trusted but don’t fare so well when it comes to energy efficiency. Having said that, if you are replacing an older air conditioning unit you will probably still save some money on your electricity bill. The Goodman range offers a lifetime warranty, not something you see too often in the world of central air conditioners.

Best Central Air Conditioner Review: American Standard

When conducting our best central air conditioner reviews energy efficiency was an important factor. American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning’s range of products come up trumps in this regard. Their SEER ratings are high meaning you have lower electricity bills from the moment you start using the unit. American Standard also offers a very reasonable 12-year warranty, giving you peace of mind for a long time.

Why a Professional Should Install Your Best Central Air Conditioner Unit

You want to maximise your new unit’s potential. Unless you have technical experience, we do not recommend you undertake the installation of any of the best central air conditioner units in this review without expert help. Installing yourself means you run the risk of causing irreparable damage to your new machine and resulting in reduced performance. A worst-case scenario is that your render a new product unusable or cause you or a family member injury. You must be aware that the EPA have certifications required in terms of refrigerants. Installation of new machines also requires an understanding of wiring and you must be skilled in securely anchoring the unit. Simply put – we recommend you don’t attempt installation yourself without specific skills. Professional help will give you peace of mind, save money in the long term and ensure the safe, secure operation of your new central air conditioner into the future.

You will want to choose the best contractor out there so some research may be required. A quick scan of installer reviews on Google or other review sites will give you some idea. Remember, the cheapest contractor price isn’t necessarily the one to go for. You are making an investment in your home and you want to ensure the first step you take in installing your unit is the best one. Investing a few extra dollars to ensure a quality finish to the job can reap rewards in the long run.

Best Alternatives to Central Air Conditioning

You will want to consider the product best for you. If your local climate is very dry then a swamp cooler might be the product for you. This machine will add moisture in the cooling process, the opposite to what a central air conditioner will do. Swamp coolers tend to be cheaper and there is less installation required.

The limitations of Swamp coolers must be acknowledged. They don’t cool your home as well as central air conditioners and require regular inspection in terms of water supply. Swamp coolers tend to introduce microbes into the home, something that might not be so welcome for sufferers of asthma. Mould has also been identified as a cause of concern, as Swamp Coolers produce extra humidity.

Heat pumps are another option. Heat pumps can both cool in the summer and produce heat during winter. During the summer months a heat pumps behaves almost exactly the same as a central air conditioner. It is during winter that the difference will show. Heat pumps don’t work well in climates that become very cold in winter. If you live in an area that gets very cold winters you may end up having to resort to using the furnace. If you live in a mild climate, however, you may just want to consider a heat pump as the option for you.

Best Central Air Conditioner Review: What is a SEER Rating?

The Air Condition, Heating and Refrigeration Institute is the body that defines the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of each unit. SEER tells you how much energy you will need to use in order to cool a space. If your unit has a high SEER rating it will be considered efficient. In our Central Air Conditioning Reviews we scored products better if they offered high SEER ratings.

SEER ratings have dramatically increased over recent years. From average ratings of 5 or 6 some years ago, modern products are now scoring into the 20s. The minimum SEER require today (as determined by the US Dept of Energy) is 13 or 14, depending on climate. The products with higher SEERs tend to also have higher price points. You may need to do some consideration as to the length of time it may take to actually save on your energy bill.

Making a decision on what air conditioner to choose can be difficult. However, our Central Air Conditioner Reviews clearly show how far the market has come over recent years. Whatever product you go for we can safely say that the product we reviewed are efficient, less noisy and have the best design quality than ever before.

1. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Amana


In this Amana air conditioner review we focus on the range of central air conditioners created by the Amana Corporation offer excellent SEER Ratings ranging from 14 up to 24.5 meaning energy efficiency is strong. A range of extra features make the product extremely desirable. With temperature sensors, adjustable fan motor speeds and a valuable lifetime warranty the Amana air conditioning units will cool your home environment comfortably even if you live in a climate that is particularly warm or humid.

Every hour the Amana air conditioning units will cool at up to 57,000 British thermal units (Btu) per hour, one measurement of an air conditioner’s capacity. With up to 24.5 SEER energy performance, the Amana air conditioner units are cost efficient. SEER is a measurement of the level of energy required to cool effectively. Rules as set out by the United State Energy Department prescribe that a minimum of 13 SEER is required. Amana units far exceed this requirement, something that gives a clear indication that the Amana central air conditioner that you choose will go a long way towards helping you save money on your energy bill every year.

The Amana central air conditioner also features a chlorine free R-410A refrigerant. This feature is intended to ensure your Amana air conditioner lasts longer than other and is reliable during its lifespan.

One of the most desired features of any new air conditioning unit is how quiet it is. The Amana air conditioning units do this job well. If quietness is what you are looking for then these units reach just about 71 decibels. Simply put, if you don’t want to disturb the neighbours then we can safely recommend the Amana air conditioning units. These products are not the quietest when it came to others we reviewed but certainly noise won’t be an issue should you decide to purchase an Amana Central Air conditioner.

In order to operate these air conditioners, you will require 34.8 circuit ampacity along with overcurrent protection at a maximum of 60. Voltage require is set at a minimum of 197 with the maximum voltage set at 253. It is important that you ensure your home is able to support these specifications before choosing to purchase one of these products. Running at 2 speeds to ensure energy efficiency, the Copeland High-Efficiency Scroll Compressor is a useful feature. With temperature sensors as well as coil sensors also included as features the Amana air conditioners review does do well.

The range of Amana air conditioners we reviewed didn’t top our review list but they look great and simply do what is required of them. The Amana range come in a solid gray colour to allow them to discreetly fit outside your home environment with becoming an eyesore.

If you are in any doubt about the Amana air conditioner review then the fact that these units offer a lifetime guarantee might just be the decision maker for you. This is not a feature that you see in every air conditioner product. If you find any working problem with Amana units and feel that it needs replacing Amana promise to send a new working unit (provided you haven’t moved address). The Amana air conditioner reviews also show that all parts contained within the product are covered by a 10-year warranty making this product one of the best air conditioning unit products you will see on the market.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

During the summer months, you can be rest assured that the Amana air conditioner will keep you cool. These are simple products with some stand out features such as quality SEER ratings, quiet operating systems, slick design and warranties to last a lifetime. Advanced features such as Copeland High Efficiency Scroll Compressor and an energy-saving two speed setting are welcome additions. The Amana air conditioner will keep costs low whilst allowing your home to be comfortable, cool and welcoming.

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2. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: American Standard


The American Standard Air Conditioner review showed us that when it comes to energy efficiency these products score well. When reviewing the best central air conditioners out there, energy efficiency is just one important factor to take into account but an important one at that. American standard air conditioner products score well in terms of SEER ratings. SEER ratings clearly show the energy usage required to operate the units allowing you to understand how high your energy bills are going to be every year. Every American Standard Central air conditioner offers a warranty lasting up to 12 years giving you peace of mind when it comes to your product’s long-term life.

There are a number of factors that can have an impact on energy efficiency. However, once your new product is installed correctly the American Standard air conditioning units hit an SEER score of up to 22, not topping our SEER leaderboard but certainly up there with the best.

The efficiency of the American Standard air conditioner is greatly helped by its unique AccuComfort feature. This technology is designed to allow the unit to adjust slowly and amend its temperature as opposed to just the old on/off facility of older models. You can therefore set your unit to perform at whatever setting is suitable for a specific time or location. You can even set the unit to perform with a 1% increment. What this means in the run is money saved. You can be precise in your requirements of the American Standard Central air conditioner units. The AccuComfort feature also allows the product to be extremely specific (within half a degree of the setting of your home thermostat). Whilst these products do qualify for the Energy Star designation as set out by the EPA, the do not achieve the Energy Star Most Efficient designation.

The American Standard air conditioning reviews identify its adjustable compressor speeds as a key factor which helps control the amount of energy consumption the product uses. This factor also results in huge improvements when it comes to controlling humidity. Your American Standard Air Conditioning units will be in operation more than its two stage competitors which will result in more moisture being removed from the air

American standard air conditioner reviews show that they are very quiet. This can be put down to the fact that they have a more consistent operation life than others – this reduces the powering up sounds created by regular restarting of units. These units also feature insulation that allows any noise the unit generates to be eliminated at source. The Durabase pan which is provided and on which your conditioner rests allows any possible corrosion or cracks to be eliminated.

With a tasteful grey colour design, these products will fit seamlessly into your home landscape. They are sturdy units with a quality design finish of louvred steel which will protect your coil whist ensuring sufficient airflow. Screws are designed to resist rust, are zinc coated and prevented from corrosion. The appliance grade finish the product features will prevent any unwanted intrusion from the elements and maintain its working capacity.

The American Standard air conditioner website not only gives you the information you need but the products also come with a 12-year compressor warranty and a 10 year parts warranty. Compared to other units in our review we found this to be more than fair.

Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

The American Standard Air Conditioner reviews showed that whilst the units don’t come out on top in the SEER ratings, they do very well. The American Standard Ari

There are outdoor air conditioners with higher SEER ratings – but not much higher. The American Standard Air Conditioner units are very efficient resulting in an added bonus in that you save money on your electricity bills from the moment you start using the products. The units manage to avoid the need to regularly turn off and on and the multi-stage compressor allow the unit to minimise energy usage whilst also ensure the product provides you with a humidity level that is comfortable.

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3. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Bryant


When it comes to saving energy, the Bryant air conditioning units might be what you are looking for. The Bryant air conditioner is one of the best in terms of energy efficiency. Extra features include a refrigerant which is deemed ozone-safe as well as a specialized louvered coil guard. Choosing a Bryant central air conditioner will save you money. It will keep you cool, comfortable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Bryant air conditioner doesn’t perform as well as others in our review when it comes to its SEER rating. SEER is a measurement of the level of energy required to cool effectively.

A 21 SEER performance is enough to allow the product to exceed the minimum SEER of 13 but doesn’t top our performance list. The United States Dept of Energy sets certain standards in terms of efficiency and the Bryant air condition units meets these criteria. The Bryant range didn’t top the list but if you are replacing an older model with the Bryant central air conditioning units you should see an immediate improvement in terms of energy bills.

The Bryant air conditioner reviews show us that the product scores well in terms of noise output. With an output level as low as 73 decibels your choice will ensure your neighbours will sleep well at night. Putting this figure into context, 73 decibels is about the same noise output as your average dishwasher.

The Bryant central air conditioner uses a special refrigerant called Puron. This environmentally friendly refrigerant doesn’t do any damage to Ozone and is considered safe. The Bryant air conditioning reviews also found the units avail of an 8-pole motor system. A two-stage scoll compressor enables a standard thermostat to be supported. The product also features a high/low pressure switch.

In terms of design the Bryant Central air conditioner scores well. With a DuraFlow louvered grill to cover coil, the unit also features a unique DuraGuard protection. This special feature both protects the unit from inclement weather and aides reliability and durability. The design also features galvanized steel which ensure the unit will stand exposure to all types of weather conditions.

We know that, at times, things go wrong with our household devices. A long-lasting warranty can be an attractive feature. The Bryant central air conditioner offers a very fair warranty policy should things go wrong at any point in the product’s lifetime. A 10-year warranty is offered for all parts contained within the units. Even better the Bryant air conditioner reviews show that the company offers a welcome lifetime warranty that adds real value when it comes to choosing the air conditioning unit that is right for you. The Bryant air conditioner isn’t unique in this regard but do take into account when making your choice.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

When it comes to noise emission or energy usage the Bryant central air conditioning units are a good choice. The products boast a very quiet sound output and a 21 SEER performance is very reasonable. The Bryant range has some very distinctive design features that could sway you. The DuraFlow features such as the louvered grille or the DuraGuard protection against the elements really will help protect your unit and ensure a durable, working lifespan. Should anything go wrong have the fallback of the excellent lifetime guarantee.

The Bryant range has plenty to offer, they will do the job you need them to do and tick the boxes in most of the categories we looked for in a quality AC unit.

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4. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Carrier


We need welcome cool respite when summer heat kicks in and the Carrier Central air conditioning units provide welcome relief. The Carrier air conditioner makes use of a two-stage compressor system to control how quickly the airflow moves through your home whilst also allowing you to set the temperature of your choice. In terms of noise the Carrier central air conditioner is quieter than most of the other products we reviewed. When it comes to energy efficiency the Carrier air conditioner reviews showed a respectable score. One of their key features is the unique Weather Armour technology which gives you peace of mind that your new Carrier central air conditioner will stand up against inclement weather throughout the year without being damaged.

Energy Star qualifications mean a unit meets the criteria set by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Carrier Central air conditioner is Energy Star qualified. Most of the Carrier air conditioner reviews showed that the SEER ratings offered by the products come in at between 13 and 21. The SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) as recommended by the EPA is currently set at 15 meaning the Carrier air conditioner will work well for you in terms of saving money on your electricity bill. If one of your criteria for purchasing a central air conditioner is respect for the environment then the Carrier Central air conditioner will meet your needs and help reduce your carbon footprint. It must be noted, however, that other products we reviewed offered SEER ratings of up to 24.5 so the Carrier central air conditioner didn’t top our review list, but certainly meet any environmental criteria out there.

Humidity can be uncomfortable and when choosing a good quality air conditioner this is something you may wish to address. The addition of a refrigerant called Puron means the Carrier air conditioner units will offer a cooling effect to your home but reduce any humidity in the air also. This process is aided by the addition of the two-stage compressor that will allow the Carrier air conditioner to run for a longer period at a reasonably slow speed. This will eliminate the stop/start process seen in older models and save money in the long run. A Carrier Central air conditioner will give you the desired effect of comfortably cooling your home environment when needed most.

One of the unique features that comes with a new Carrier central air conditioner is an Infinity Touch Control system that works via a downloadable app on your home computer or other mobile devices. Via this app you can remotely adjust the temperature of your home and ensure a comfortable living space from the moment you arrive home.

When it comes to noise emission our Carrier air conditioner reviews showed a good score. These products are not noisy. In fact, with a decibel level hitting just 65 the Carrier Central air conditioner is one of the quietest on the market.

We need a good air conditioning unit during the summer months but with the onset of winter and harsh weather conditions, there is always the fear of long lasting damage to the unit. With their special WeatherArmor feature the Carrier Air conditioning units are designed to withstand such difficult weather conditions. They are guaranteed to be durable and therefore should have a longer working life than others on the market.

The Carrier Central air conditioner reviews also highlighted the inclusion of a steel, louvered coil guard as a feature. This, along with the WeatherArmor protection means you have extra peace of mind when it comes to how reliable and how durable your new unit will be. In terms of design, the galvanized steel outer core along powder-coated paint adds to its durability. Then comes the warranty. The Carrier Central air conditioner comes with a parts warranty of 10 years and a 10-year warranty on the unit itself. Not the best warranty offer when compared to other products on the market but certainly respectable.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

In terms of energy usage and efficiency the Carrier Central air conditioners don’t top our review list but do the job. Extra advanced features in terms of the technology used give the desired cooling effect to your home whilst also offering the extra bonus of removing humidity from the air. The special WeatherArmor gives an added lifespan to the product and overall, we believe the Carrier Central Air conditioner reviews show us a product that is worth considering, will cool your home well and even save you money in the process.

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5. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Coleman

With a good SEER ratio the Coleman central air conditioner boasts an Energy Star Most Efficient distinction. These products are also designed to cool your home comfortably without being noisy or disturbing your neighbours.

When conducting our Coleman air conditioner reviews we investigated the noisy factor and found that these units produce the same level of noise as your average home dishwasher. The decibel levels produced come in at around 69 dB meaning they will not cause noise pollution whilst in operation. One of the key problems with a lot of central air conditioners is the noise factor. You want a product to do the job without keeping you awake at night. The Coleman air conditioner ticks the box in this regard. You will sleep soundly at night as the Coleman air condition units work to keep your home cool and comfortable. The Coleman Central Air Conditioner also features a WhisperDrive system including a specially designed swept-wing fan. The Coleman air conditioner reviews also highlighted their specially insulated compressor compartments as well as a base pan which is designed to reduce the levels of noise produced by the units.

The Coleman central air conditioner offers a special thermostat which is operated by touchscreen technology. This Communicating Control is specially designed by Coleman. When using this function, the Coleman Air Conditioning unit will give the units everything required to meet every requirement to receive the Energy Star Most Efficient designation. Energy Star ratings are set by the Department of Energy in order to ensure all new products conform to guidelines set to maximise energy efficiency. Our Coleman Central air conditioning reviews showed that the Coleman air conditioning units are one of only two units to qualify for both the Energy Star award as well as the Most Efficient distinction.

You will want peace of mind when it comes to how high your energy bills will be every year. You will be safe with a Coleman air conditioner. These units will save you a lot of money in the long run in comparison to some of the cheaper products found on the market. Whilst you may save money at the outset if you decide to go with a cheap air conditioner, you will notice those savings disappear quickly as your energy bills come in. The Coleman Central Air conditioner will cost you more instore. However, their ability to efficiently cool your home means those dreaded bills will put a smile on your face. They cool well. They are cheap to run meaning you will save in the long run. They are also designed to last longer than cheaper products. Your investment will be worth it in the long run. The Coleman Air Conditioner features power-painted steel and slotted inlet coils guards which give a strong, sturdy design that will combat the harshest of weather conditions.

The level of Customer support offered by Coleman is second to none. Every product fully supported by an easy-to-use and informative website. The products are also supported by a respectable 10-year compressor warranty as well as a 10-year parts warranty.

Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

When it comes to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios, there are few units on the market that will provide quality air conditioning as cheaply and as efficiently. With their added tech features these units also allow you to control them remotely from your smartphone or tablet mean they are very competitive in the air conditioner market. With a Coleman Air Conditioner you will have a cool, comfortable home, you will save money in the long run and have peace of mind should anything go wrong for up to 10 years.

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6. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Frigidaire

Choosing the right product means understanding features and making sure the product and brand you choose is the best for you. One of the best products we came across was the Frigidaire air conditioner. The Frigidaire central air conditioner does its job well. One of the key features found in our Frigidaire air conditioner reviews was it energy efficiency. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio boasted by Frigidaire air conditioning units come in at 20 which, although not the best score in the modern market, certainly outperform any older models in terms of saving energy consumption.

The Frigidaire central air conditioner are designed to operate in a different way to others we reviewed. The feature two-stage compressors which allow the units to operate at varying speeds instead of just shutting down and restarting. This is a helpful feature which is also bolstered by the introduction of inverter-rotary technology. This special Frigidaire central air conditioner feature allows the cooling of your home to be more even. The feature also works continuously making the cooling effect constant and ensuring the product maximises efficiency in terms of energy usage.

The Frigidaire air conditioner isn’t just scoring well in terms of the savings you make on bills and their energy efficiency. The inverter rotary technology feature also allows the units to work on the levels of humidity in the air. By maintaining the humidity level at that desired by the user, the effect can be rewarding. You will see a huge change in terms of the levels of moisture in the air. Your room won’t become sticky and uncomfortable when the unit is in its off setting.

The Frigidaire air conditioner don’t cause the dreaded noisy effect. They are specially designed to work quietly and our Frigidaire air conditioning reviews show us that they can operate at as low as 57 decibels making them come in as one of the quietest air conditioners available on the market. Think about it this way: when we hold a normal conversation the level of noise created is just about 60 decibels so your Frigidaire air conditioner operates almost at a whisper. In comparison to older models the difference will be noticeable.

Frigidaire central air conditioners are designed to be long lasting. When put up against the most inclement weather conditions they will stand up against the toughest of environments. They feature polyurethane finishes which protect and ensure they can endure wind, rain, sleet or snow. A 950-hour salt test as part of the product development gives peace of mind and proves their strength. You won’t have to worry about corrosion with these units. Your unit will be cooling your home for many years and you want them to last. Frigidaire air conditioning units will last. Their compact design means they will fit neatly into your home environment.

If anything goes wrong (and we don’t expect it will) you can be content in the knowledte that these units come with 10-year parts warranty and the extra boost of Frigidaire’s 10-year Comfort Quality Pledge which guarantees you will have a replacement. There are other units on the market that offer lifetime guarantees but we think a 10-year warranty is perfectly acceptable.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

Frigidaire central air conditioners don’t give you the dreaded noisy effect. They are quiet and they are extremely cost effective in terms of energy efficiency. They have a fantastic design the give you powerful cooling effect along with the best levels of performance we looked for when conducting our comparisons.

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7. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Goodman


When it comes to energy efficiency they don’t score so well. Having said that they will certainly perform better than older models out there so if you are simply replacing an older model you will be saving on your annual energy bill. The Goodman air conditioning units also have a lifetime warranty which you don’t see offered by all other new models on the market.

The Goodman central air conditioner is designed to comply with any guidelines set by the Department of Energy. Our Goodman air conditioning reviews meet those requirements to ensure they receive an Energy Star award from the Environmental Protection Agency. Goodman is a company that takes pride in the conservation of energy. The Goodman air conditioning units have a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 18 meaning they perform well in terms of saving energy but don’t necessarily top our list of the best performing air conditioning units.

When it comes to the environment the Goodman Central air conditioner offers a R-410A refrigerant. This means it is environmentally friendly. The chlorine free agent is designed to be kind to the ozone layer without affecting the job the Goodman central air conditioner is designed to do. These products boast a two-stage scroll compressor allowing the units to operate with few moving parts resulting in an effective cooling effect without using excess energy.

Our Goodman central air conditioner reviews highlighted their compressor sound blanket which is manufactured from a high-density foam and is designed to minimise the levels of sound produced by the Goodman air conditioners. Sound or noise is not something to be concerned by when considering purchasing Goodman central air conditioning units. They emit a decibel level of 71dB which can be considered relatively quiet but not topping the list of the quietest units available on the market.

The Goodman air conditioner is easy to maintain. The units contain diagnostics internally which enable the user to create 6 individual codes and ensure you are made aware of any potential problem developments. There are a range of access points which will allow you to easily maintain upkeep and make any repairs very simple.

The Goodman air conditioner reviews shows us that these products offer a fantastic lifetime warranty, something we found to be a stand out feature of the Goodman central air conditioning units. In the highly unlikely event of your Goodman air conditioner failing you, as the original purchaser, are entitled to a replacement unit. This offer will only apply if you are still a resident of the original address. The various parts contained within each unit are guaranteed for 10 years, giving you extra peace of mind.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

Goodman air conditioning units will save you money on your energy bills when compared with older units. They are also considered to be quality air conditioning units that offer sustainable energy-efficiency. They are not the most efficient product on the market but their strong, sturdy design means they will last a long time. They are kind to the environment and the lifetime warranty offered gives you peace of mind that your unit will last you for many years. They provide cool, comfortable and refreshing home environment and are certainly worth considering.

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8. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Lennox

You will most of all want to find a product that will cool your home during those hot, sticky summer months. You also want to save on the bottom line, finding a product that is energy efficiency. Finally, you will want to purchase a unit that is quiet. The Lennox air conditioner will tick the box in all of the above but will also do much more. The Lennox Central air conditioner offers extra features that will give them a USP over many others in our survey. The Lennox air conditioning units score very well in terms of their energy efficiency. With an SEER rating of in between 13 and 26 the Lennox air conditioning reviews show that the Lennox air conditioner beats many of its basic rivals.

There are some factors in terms of energy efficiency that cant be controlled by air conditioning units but when the settings are correct you can expect to score an energy efficiency ratio of up to 25 with the Lennox air conditioner. You wont see a better energy score out there in terms of central air conditioners. The Lennox central air conditioner boast options that are solar ready as well as technology that allow you to control your device from any smartphone or tablet device. The Lennox air conditioning reviews we conducted showed that Lennox air conditioning units stand out in terms of efficiency.

One of the reasons that Lennox air conditioning reviews score so well in terms of energy efficiency is the fact that they run at varied speeds thanks to their compressors. Old models would have offered one stage compressors meaning your unit was either in an off or on setting. The Lennox air conditioner uses a compressor allowing you to set your unit at many differing levels of output and power usage. They can be adjusted within 1% enabling the user to set the level of their unit at just the right setting for their home ensure comfort and money saving.

A special iComfort Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat comes as a feature of some Lennox air conditioners. This extra feature allows you to save energy and spend. This feature works with the Lennox central air conditioner to enable you to set the temperature of your home remotely. By availing of the thermostat you are in a position to turn the air conditioning when away from your home and ensuring the temperature is just at your like the moment you return home. This smartphone enabled technology work at any time, anywhere. You won’t be wasting money cooling an empty room. If you forget to turn it off you can do so remotely.

There is no comparison with older models. Compared to those bulky, awkward units from a few decades ago you wont be hearing any rattling coming from the Lennox air conditioning units. They are designed to be quiet. They on emit a decibel level of around 59dB (about the same noise level as your average conversation at home). You wont be woken from your slumber with a Lennox air conditioner.

The Lennox air conditioner reviews also show us that they are sturdy. Their design, using galvanized steel and a zinc coated base, allows the units to stand up to the toughest of weather conditions. Their SmartHinge louvre means you can access internal part from a number of angles and allowing for easy maintenance of the units.

Add to this the 10 year warranty that is offered by the Lennox air conditioner along with a 10 year parts warranty and you will have a unit that will last for a long time. Lennox air conditioning units get on with the job they are designed to do without you worrying about problems down the line.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

The Lennox air conditioning reviews we conducted clearly showed a high-quality air conditioner units that is an excellent choice when choosing a home cooling product. These units are energy efficient and quiet. They are made of sturdy stuff and come with a warranty that will give your mind peace for many years. In comparison to other products we reviewed we can assure you that the Lennox range stands out from the pack.

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9. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Rheem


Choosing a quality product that cuts down on energy usage will enable you to cool your home saving money in the long run and cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Rheem air conditioning units will do the job when it comes to saving you money. Featuring excellent energy efficiency solutions along with strong long-lasting design features the Rheem central air conditioner will provide the user with a safe, effective cooling affect and a durability allowing the unit to last whatever the weather conditions it may be exposed to.

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio offered by a Rheem air conditioner scores at around 17, not as strong as other units but certainly an improvement on older models we became accustomed to. The Rheem air conditioner reviews also showed the units feature a special diagnostics system to ensure efficient productivity.

When cooling our home, the last thing we want to be dealing with is the unwanted presence of moisture or mould. The Rheem air conditioning units controls the airflow in your home meaning it will eliminate any of the moisture that will ultimately result in the presence of mould in your home. The Rheem air conditioner also boasts an on-demand setting that allows for dehumidification. Along with a two-stage compressor you can effectively control how comfortable you home will be.

The Rheem air conditioner reviews our team conducted show the presence of a Comfort Control 2 System on most Rheem air conditioners. The advantage to these is that they offer up to 32 onboard diagnostics and fault codes meaning it is relatively easy to identify any potential or existing faults within the Rheem central air conditioner. If a serious problem arises you will be alerted.

The Rheem Central air conditioner also features a louvered jacket that protects internal elements such as its coils from the harsh effects of difficult weather conditions. Manufactured from galvanized steel the unit is long lasting and designed to stand up to harsh elements. The Rheem air conditioner reviews identified removable grilles and easy access to the interior of the unit making maintenance easy and ensuring your unit is kept safely in working order. There are also removable service panels. The grilles will also ensure the protection of the unit from any unwanted moisture, keeping it free from any long-term damage.

In case serious problems do arise, a 10-year unit replacement warranty and a 10-year parts warranty are in place. A lifetime unit warranty would be ideal, but the 10-year warranty is adequate.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

There are many features to the Rheem central air conditioning units that are worth noting. Their low SEER ratings are not top of our ratings list but will give you a much better efficiency than any of the older models out there. Their strong, sturdy design means they withstand harsh weather conditions. Thrhhemeir excellent design ensures easy access to internal parts meaning you keep on top of any potential problems. With strong compressors the Rheem air conditioner design will mean your home is kept cool and comfortable during the uncomfortable summer months. By choosing a Rheem central air conditioner you will be making a good choice.

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10. Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Trane


Trane Air conditioners are some of the best units you can buy. The Trane air conditioning units perform very well and manage to keep your home with a comfortable cooling effect whatever the condition of the elements outside. The Trane central air conditioner is kind to the environment. They feature strong design elements that allow the unit to last long and stand up to the many difficult weather scenarios it will face during its lifetime. The Trane air conditioning reviews show us that their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio comes in at around 22 meaning they come up at the top end of our efficiency studies.

If humidity is something you encounter often then you might want to consider a Trane air conditioner. The Trane central air conditioner features the TruComfort tag which means the unit is specially designed to take on humidity. The unit will run for longer at a lower speed ensuring moisture is removed from your home efficiently, cheaply and consistently. Where the Trane air conditioner differs from old models is that they traditionally turned off for periods thereby allowing moisture build up meaning your room was sticky once again before the unit powered up again. The Trane Central air conditioner will remove moisture, and keep it away.

The best Central air conditioning units are not cheap. However, a once off investment will reap rewards for many years. Choosing a quality product that cuts down on energy usage will enable you to cool your home saving money in the long run and cutting down on your carbon footprint. The Season Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) will clearly tell you how efficient a product is. If your central air conditioner has a high SEER score you better it will at minimising electricity usage.

Trane central air conditioners provide up to 22 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) performance. The higher this is the more efficient you will find your new unit. The Trane air conditioner reviews we conducted showed that by choosing a Trane product you will ensure you are saving money in the long run. There are not many other units in the comparison we conducted that beat the Trane Central air conditioner in terms of efficiency.

Trane air conditioners not only save money but are kind to the environment also. They feature specially designed aluminium coils with fins allowing them to boost the flow of air around your home. This feature also counteracts the onset of corrosion and any leaks seen in older models have been eliminated. The Trane air conditioner is ozone friendly and uses a R-410A refrigerant meaning you are doing your bit to keep your carbon footprint as low as possible.

Using the specially formatted ComfortLink II feature, Trane central air conditioners are up there with the most state of the art units on the market. ComfortLink is a relatively new communication technology which allows you to connect to your air conditioning unit remotely. If you have a busy lifestyle and like to have your home temperature perfect when you get home from work then this feature will allow you full control. It will also ensure you make the most of your new unit in terms of energy usage and efficiency. Be warned – a monthly subscription is required in order to make use of some of the most advanced features but we believe it’s worth it.

Our Trane air conditioner reviews identified a 10-year warranty on Trane air conditioners. You also receive a 10-year warranty on internal parts and the special coil. Not the best warranty out there but certainly worth considering.


Best Central Air Conditioner Review: Summary

Trane central air conditioner units stand out in many ways. They are sturdy, they last a long time, their design keeps them safe from harsh weather conditions and they are energy efficient. You won’t be making a bad decision by choosing a Trane product and will also be in a position to avail of some of the newest smart technologies to make the best use of your new air conditioning unit.

They have many standout features, including a durable, protected design and communicating technology that makes it possible to control your entire heating and cooling system from anywhere using your smartphone. The addition of a lifetime warranty would make it even better, but overall, Trane units are a strong choice worthy of your consideration.

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