Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: September 27, 2021

Here is our team’s pick of the best commercial air conditioner units, including appliances from such renowned cooling brands as Tripp Lite, Movincool, Nakatomi/Uninex, Portacool, Koldwave and Global Industrial.

by Tom Green
best commercial air conditioner
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When you are looking for the best commercial air conditioner for your business premises, there are a number of factors that you have to get right to ensure that the cooling of your business—while an all important proposition for you, your employees and your clients-takes place with an absolute minimum of interference or nuisance.

Obviously, you’ll be needing a unit that is powerful and customizable enough to ensure that the equipment-sensitive areas of your business can be kept cool at all times of the day and night, but which is also portable enough to be moved anywhere in your premises. An appliance with an unobtrusive operational noise level is just as important as well, to ensure that the operation of the machine does not annoy your clients and disrupt the smooth day to day workings of your business.

For anyone seeking effective, energy-efficient cooling for their business, our reviews team has researched the best commercial air conditioner systems and other cooling machines on the market and compiled the following guide to the best commercial air conditioner units.


Best Commercial Air Conditioner Units

Here is our team’s pick of the best commercial air conditioner units, including appliances from such renowned cooling brands as Tripp Lite, Movincool, Nakatomi/Uninex, Portacool, Koldwave, and Global Industrial.


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1. Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review – Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K

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There are numerous points in favor of the Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K which elevate it to the top of our list of the best commercial air conditioner appliances. It is flexible and powerful, providing supplemental, emergency and off-hours cooling for IT and other applications, but it’s also compact and portable enough for an easy carriage to IT server rooms, wiring closets or other space-critical locations.

No floor drain or water collection tank is required for this machine, which offers 12,000 BTU of cooling power, and has both a standard louvered vent for general space cooling, as well as a ducted vent with which you’ll be able to direct the cold air to areas where it is needed most.

Most suitable for spaces up to 500 square feet, the Tripp Lite SRCOOL12K is also very easy to use, with its top-mounted control panel, complete with LCD temperature readout and other displays. The appliance also uses ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant.

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2. Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review – Movincool Classic Plus

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The Classic PLUS 26 Portable Air Conditioner boasts all of the benefits of Movincool’s popular Classic Series and enhances them with a range of additional features that will increase the unit’s performance and make it easier to use and control than ever before. The Classic Plus is out-of-the-box ready to provide cool air in the hottest environments, such as production lines, outdoor events, manufacturing processes, injection molding, and metal forming areas, and many more.

With a programmable digital controller allowing the user to customize and maintain the best temperature, this makes the great as one of the best commercial air conditioner appliances because it provides the best and safest cool environments for your employees in those parts of your premises that need it most. You’ll be saving money while protecting your people and equipment as well as providing a safe and comfortable environment to work in.

Ultra portable, this unit can efficiently and effectively cool down temperatures up to 113-degrees Fahrenheit. It is completely self-contained and requires little or no installation. Great news if you need to cool down your premises without running into costly installations.

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3. Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review – Nakatomi/Uninex KoolZone AC

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This industrial grade air conditioner is ETL-certified and so is reliable and safe. Using environmentally-friendly R410A refrigerant, there is no assembly or complicated installation required with this appliance. It is highly portable and can be used in indoor and even outdoor areas.

The Nakatomi/Uninex KoolZone AC is very energy-efficient too. It has a half-ton cooling capacity and a relatively low operational noise level of 60-62 dBA, so it can be used without causing any major disruption or annoyance to you, your employees or your clients.

With dehumidification functionality also, the unit has a built-in evaporation system that will remove most condensate. All of these functions mean that it is a machine that should not be ignored if you are shopping for the best commercial air conditioner.

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4. Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review – Portacool PACCYC02

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The Portacool PACCYC02 Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit is a superior item of cooling technology. A highly energy-efficient appliance, the Portacool PACCYC02 can be used to cool down both indoors and outdoors areas, and its large airflow capacity enables it to efficiently and effectively cover areas of up to 500 square feet, lowering the temperature by as much as 30 degrees.

With a 10-gallon reservoir, you can get up to six hours of running time if filled manually, and there is also a garden hose hookup option to facilitate continuous operation. Using tap water with no harmful refrigerants to keep indoor and outdoor spaces cool, the unit is also easy to move with its heavy-duty caster wheels.

It’s totally reliable, extremely durable with its one-piece, rust-free, leakproof, molded polythene materials, and is shipped assembled and ready to operate out of the box. And as a bonus, the Portacool PACCYC02 Cyclone Portable Evaporative Cooling Unit will run for a fraction of the cost of regular air conditioning.

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5. Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review – Koldwave 5WK14BEA1AAA0

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Koldwave 5WK14BEA1AAA0 is a portable water-cooled air conditioner, with two cooling speeds and an operational sound level of 60 dBA maximum, and is ideal for work in the ambient operating range of 70-113 degrees Fahrenheit. A durable, portable appliance in a stainless steel cabinet, the Koldwave 5WK14BEA1AAA0 is an electronic touchpad with digital readout for easy-to-use convenience.

This appliance comes with an 18in quick-connect hose kit, complete with a condensate pump, water-regulation valves, and heavy-duty caster wheels. It is also easy to store, with its compact 25x10x31in size, and will not get in the way of your employees or clients as it goes about its business.

With 10,800 BTU of cooling power, this water-cooled unit is a strong performer in any roundup of the best commercial air conditioner or cooling appliances.

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6. Best Commercial Air Conditioner Review – Global Industrial Portable AC

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The Global Industrial Portable AC unit is easy to instal, and also filters the air as it cools. It’s a very intuitive device and easy to maintain too, with washable filters and a self-diagnostic system that protects against condensate overflow or low fluid.

With spot cooling or general room cooling thermostat settings, the Global Industrial Portable AC is an incredibly flexible option for your business, and with on-off timer functionality as well as auto-restart if power is interrupted, perfect if there are parts of your business that you need to keep cool constantly, such as IT server rooms or wiring closets.

This appliance has 2.5 tons of cooling capacity and comes with cold air nozzles to provide 29,000 BTU of cooling power.

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