Friedrich P09B Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Producing 9,300 Btu, the Friedrich P09B portable air conditioner works best when cooling small to medium sized rooms. Despite some concerns about the plastic materials used in its build, and the weight of the unit, our team has judged it to be one of the best free-standing air conditioner systems on the market.

by Tom Green

Our team of portable AC reviewers tried out the Friedrich P09B air conditioner unit. We put Friedrich to the test to bring you all you need to know before buying this product. This model is something of a ‘fan-favourite’, but getting your hands on one of these units can sometimes be challenging. However, we were fortunate enough to be able to put one through our criteria of Cooling Performance, Efficiency & Certification, Convenience, Design and Customer Support to bring you this comprehensive review of the Friedrich P09B.


Friedrich P09B Review – the underdog

The small size of the Friedrich P09B might lead you to underestimate it. For sure, it is by no means the most powerful air conditioner that we have reviewed, and nor does it offer the largest cooling area. However, this is a unit with great commercial appeal. Indeed, it is often out of stock on many of the air conditioner sites. Our team took a detailed look to ascertain the reasons for this popularity.


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Cooling Performance

With a cooling capacity of up to 9,300 BTU, the Friedrich P09B is no juggernaut, and its cooling range of 400 square feet is not exactly far-reaching either.

However, with a dual hose exhaust, this AC unit cools 40% faster than other units with single hose exhausts that we have reviewed.

The Friedrich P09B is particularly effective as a dehumidifier. With an airflow rating of 212 cubic feet per minute, it can remove up to five pints of moisture from the air.


Efficiency  & Certifications

In terms of efficiency, the P09B has an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 9.4, a full 0.5 above the lowest (8.9). Due to the P09B’s dual hose system, there is also a 40% increase on how quickly the unit can cool a space. The unit also includes a 24hr timer.

The Friedrich P09B also comes with UL certification, meeting it has met all safety requirements for public use.



Weighing a whopping 80lbs, we definitely do not suggest that you lift this unit about the house. However, all is not lost, as it is incredibly easy to move due to robust, well-fitted casters and conveniently placed handles on the sides of the unit.

In the case of excessive humidity, this unit has a back-up reservoir that will take the condensate. If this is not enough, and the reservoir is filled, the unit will automatically power off, until emptied. This is a perfect touch for those of us living in particularly humid parts of the world.

With this unit there is also the added benefit of it being 3-in-1, with a fan and dehumidifier function included.

There is also the added benefit of 3 differing fan speeds, and an LCD remote control.



Unfortunately, this is where the Friedrich stumbles slightly, as many of the parts of this unit are made from hard white plastic. While this is clearly a case of cost-saving for the consumer, the plastic exterior of this unit is definitely not the most attractive, and it might raise a few questions about the long-term durability of the unit.

On the other hand, the bright colours on the exterior mean that the Friedrich P09B will blend neatly into the background of just about any space where it’s situated, so you won’t compromise the flow and design of your home.

Unfortunately the weight of this unit (80lbs) may be regarded as excessive. However, one must regard this as a sacrifice worth making, taking into account the optional dual hose system, and other benefits of this unit.

An added benefit to this AC unit is its noise output of just 50 decibels, which makes it astonishingly quiet when compared to other portable AC units.


Help & Support

As is common practice in the industry, the P09B comes with a one year warranty, and a five year warranty on the compressor, which is the main component of the AC unit.

The company supplies a user manual online, and also an FAQ section on their website if you find yourself struggling. However, if you wish to contact the company, you can do some by email or phone.

Unfortunately the company does not offer live-chat customer support.


Friedrich P09B – Summary

In summary, the Friedrich P09B is a robustly built AC unit. We were only able to identify two problems with the product. Firstly, the weight was too high, and secondly, the plastic casing around the outside of the unit.

Other than these relatively insignificant issues, we concluded that the Friedrich P09B is a solid all-round AC unit, with a particularly powerful capacity for dealing with humidity.

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