Friedrich Uni-Fit US12D10B Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Looking for a new in-wall air conditioner unit? Check out our team’s review of the Friedrich Uni-Fit US12D10B, you won’t be disappointed.

by Tom Green

Today we’re reviewing a unit from one of the biggest names in the HVAC industry, Friedrich. Over the years, Friedrich has shown the public that they hold their products to a very high standard, providing us with some really great units. The unit will be reviewing today is the Friedrich Uni-Fit US12D10B, a powerful unit that carries out the basic tasks brilliantly, however the unit stumbles slightly when it comes to convenience. Is this unit’s simplicity and strength enough to justify lacking many of the features we would expect from an in-wall air conditioner unit? Read our full review below to find out.


Friedrich Uni-Fit US12D10B Air Conditioner Review


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Cooling Performance

Servicing an estimated area of up to 550 sq. ft. with 12,000 BTUs of cooling power, the Friedrich Uni-Fit US12D10B air conditioner is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Additionally, with a maximum airflow (cfm) of 290, this device will also remove 3.8 pints of moisture from the air per hour, making it an exceptionally capable dehumidifier.


Efficiency / Certifications

With an only slightly above-average Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 9.8, this unit certainly does not fare as well as many of the other units we have reviewed with regard to efficiency ratings. That being said, this unit has been Energy Star Qualified, which means that this product meets power conservation regulations set out by Environmental Protection Agency. This certification is certainly one we look for in the products we review, and should reassure any potential buyers that this product isn’t going to cost them an arm and a leg to run. As an added bonus, 3 fan speeds allow the user to vary the intensity of their unit’s performance, allowing for optimum performance.

Other certifications earned by this product include the AHAM Certification, and being UL-Listed. These certifications declare that the specifications provided by the manufacturer are accurate, and that this unit has passed safety assessments, carried out by Underwriters Laboratories.



With a wireless remote control included with this device, users can get the appropriate performance from their unit, adjusting the settings from across the room, whenever required. Further, with a built-in programmable timer, the user is empowered to input their ideal schedule of operation. The unit will follow this timetable, powering on when necessary and getting to work, even when you’re not at home.

Other features included in this device include an Auto Restart function, allowing the product to reboot itself following a power outage. This is particularly useful for those of us who live in areas prone to power outages due to natural disasters or poor infrastructure.  A Fan Mode is also available, which will circulate air without cooling it. The last mode included on this device is the Energy Saver Mode, which will enable the unit to function at decreased capacities in order to save energy, and cut down your electricity bills.

Unfortunately it bears noting that there is no Sleep Mode, Auto Mode, or Dehumidify Mode, which is unusual for a product of this calibre. To lack just one of these modes is often something worth criticism, but to omit all three is not what we would have expected from a brand of Friedrich’s prestige.



Weighing 78lbs, we do not recommend attempting to lift this product by yourself, simply as a precautionary measure. Built-in to this device is an air filter, that will significantly aid the upkeep of air quality in your home, removing airborne particulates such as hair, and dust.

4-Way Directional Louvers allow the user to focus the cooling power of their unit on one particular area, or more commonly to evenly distribute it throughout the room. This appears to be a relatively insignificant aspect of the overall design of the unit, but you would be surprised the difference that such louvers can have on a unit’s performance.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 14 3/8

Width: 24

Depth: 18 1/2


Help & Support

Backed by a 1-year appliance warranty, and a 5-years compressor warranty, Friedrich provides their customers with a relatively industry-standard cover plan. We advise contacting Friedrich directly if you have any queries regarding company warranty policies.

Further, customer service representatives are contactable via email, or phone. If this doesn’t sound appealing, there is also a detailed FAQs section on the company website, as well as downloadable online user manuals.



With all factors taken into consideration, this unit is a fine addition to the Friedrich catalogue. We’ve come to have raised expectations whenever reviewing a product released by this brand, as they have made it clear to us time after time that a commitment to quality lies at the core of their company vision. While we must penalise Friedrich for their exclusion of a few basic convenience enhancing features, overall this wall-unit performs quite well.