Haier HPP08XCR Air Conditioner

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Looking for a powerful portable air conditioner that will also take care of annoying and unwanted humidity? Check out the Haier HPP08XCR, it could be yours!

by Tom Green

Haier is undoubtedly one of the more established brands in the HVAC industry, introducing countless top-quality products to the market over the years. Their philosophy of delivering exceptional performance with moderately refined design aesthetics has resulted in a growing catalogue of home HVAC products that we can’t get enough of. Today, our air conditioner analysts will be assessing the Haier HPP08XCR portable air conditioner, to see how it fits in with the rest of Haier’s products.


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Haier HPP08XCR Air Conditioner


The Haier HPP08XCR  is a decent choice of portable air conditioner if you’re looking to cool up to 250 square feet of living space. Additionally, with its dehumidifying capacity, the Haier HPP08XCR is effective at combatting excessive humidity, and damp. Continue reading below for our full review.


Cooling Performance

With a cooling capacity of 8,000 BTUs, this unit is ideal for servicing living spaces of up to an estimated range of 250 square feet. In addition to this, with a maximum dehumidifying capacity of 86.4 pints per day, this unit is capable of effectively doubling as a home dehumidifier unit. These specifications make this unit suitable for installation in medium sized family living spaces, especially in hot & humid climates. We advise that potential buyers look into the size of their living space before committing to a purchase, so that they may draw optimum efficiency from their device.


Efficiency / Certification

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) is an accurate method of measuring the performance efficiency of an appliance. With the industry average standing at approximately 9.7, any unit that scores over 10 is generally considered to be highly efficient. Unfortunately this unit falls below average, scoring an EER of 9. This is not necessarily a bad score, however it would be preferable if it were slightly higher.

As far as certifications are concerned, this unit is compliant with ETL and ASHRAE standards. These certifications guarantee that this unit is not only safe to operate, but further, that the specifications published relating to this unit are accurate.

Additionally, the Haier HPP08XCR is also UL-Listed. One of the most impressive certifications a device can earn itself in the industry, the UL certification declares that this unit passed a range of product safety-related assessments undertaken by the experts at Underwriters Laboratories. The added benefit of a third party assessment allows the user peace-of-mind while operating their unit.



With a wireless full-function remote included with this unit, the user is enabled to operate their device from anywhere in the room. This is especially useful in the Summer months where otherwise you would be forced to move through the sticky Summer heat to manually tweak the settings on your device.

Additionally, the inclusion of a 24-hour ON/OFF timer tremendously enhances the user’s experience with this device. This essentially allows the user to input an operational timetable into their device, which will power on and off according to set times. The convenience of this feature is that it allows for maintaining a comfortably air conditioned environment even while the user is away.

A Dehumidify Only mode when enabled will allow the Haier HPP08XCR to pull moisture from the air, without cooling the room. This is an effective method of tackling damp, or excessive humidity, when temperatures are not excessively high.



Weighing approximately 44.1lbs, this unit is not the lightest of the portable air conditioning appliances we have reviewed, however it is exceptionally lighter than a considerable number of units of the same calibre. Regardless, we advise seeking assistance during installation or transportation for anyone who this weight proves too much for. To aid movement around the home, Haier have included easy-roll caster wheels on the bottom face of the device to allow for ease of movement.

With a decibel rating of 46 dBA, this product is exceptionally quiet. For reference, the average human conversation would usually register at approximately 60 dB, with most whispers considered to register at approximately 20 dB.

A Slide-Out washable air filter is easily maintained when required. However, there is no filter light indicator on this unit, so it is important that the user remind themselves to service this unit’s filter as regularly as the manufacturer recommends.

Unfortunately there is no drain hose connection for removing water from this device, however, the Haier HPP08XCR is capable of Auto Evaporation for continuous operation.


Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 27.24″

Width: 12″

Depth: 12.55″


Help & Support

This product is backed by Haier’s 1-year parts & labour warranty. We advise speaking to a Haier customer service agent, contactable via email, telephone, website form, and live chat, who will answer any warranty policy-related questions you may have.

Other customer service resources provided by Haier include a dedicated FAQs section, alongside tutorial videos, installation tips, downloadable user manuals, a retail locator, and more.



Our verdict on the Haier HPP08XCR is decidedly positive. With a relatively light-weight design, and quiet operation, this unit will not intrude on you while you go about your daily routine. Convenient features like the remote control and timer are exceptionally useful for maintaining a comfortable environment at home, while the added Dehumidifier function will prove exceptionally helpful should you experience excessive humidity. While we would enjoy seeing more features included in the Haier HPP08XCR’s final design, such as a Sleep Mode, we cannot complain, as this unit performs well overall.

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