hOmeLabs HME020030N Dehumidifier Review

Last Updated: March 25, 2021

Our reviews team put the hOmeLabs HME020030N to the test; to give our readers all the information they need to know before purchasing this product.

by Tom Green

Our team at Air Conditioners Rated assessed the hOmeLabs hME020030N. hOmeLabs has ticked all the boxes with this dehumidifier, stylish, robust, functional, the hME020030N has it all. Read our full review below for more details.


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hOmeLabs 4 hME020030N Dehumidifier Review 2021

Far too often, when purchasing something, we are all forced to choose. Choose between style, and function. Less, or more. Well, our team assessed the hOmeLabs hME020030N, and we found that potentially, you really can have both.


Dehumidifying Capabilities

The hOmeLabs 4 hME020030N Dehumidifier is capable of removing 30 pints of water from the air a day. Useful for large spaces, this durable and stylish unit is perfect for a modern home. Capable of continuous drainage, the hME020030N has a drain hose outlet, however users are expected to acquire their own drainage hose. The filter for this unit is washable, which is useful as it aids in preventing your living space from smelling of strong mould, mildew, and bacteria odours.


Efficiency & Certifications

This unit is Energy Star Certified. This provides some relief for those of us living off a tight budget, as it ensures that the cost of using this product will not break the bank. The hME020030N has also received UL certification, meaning that this unit has been assessed, and results have shown that this dehumidifier will not negatively effect the air quality in your living space.

With a water tank capacity of 3 litres / 0.8 gallons, hOmeLabs hME020030N is recommended for larger rooms up to 1,000 square feet.

Note: This Dehumidifier will enter a 3-minute rest period in between moisture removal cycles. To prevent damage to the unit, do not start the Dehumidifier during this period, as operation will begin again automatically at the end of this period. 



Convenient features included in this device are as follows: a touch control panel; automatic restart, shut off and defrost; turbo mode with high fan speed; continuous dehumidifying with a 24-hour built-in timer; customisable humidity level from 35% to 85%.

This particular unit is quite convenient, as all that the user must carry out to ensure that the dehumidifier continues working consistently is the following; set up the unit; adjust to your preferred moisture setting; allow a 24-hour cycle to take place until the water tank has been filled. At this point the unit will automatically shut off. At this point the user must empty and replace the tank back into the machine. However, for adding convenience, it is recommended that the user purchase a drain hose, which will facilitate continuous operation.



hOmeLabs have gone to great length to do away with the trope of a clunky, eyesore of a dehumidifier. Visible efforts were made to design a unit that will sit comfortably in the background of any modern home. A sleek white box exterior provides a welcome sight for those who are seeking a dehumidifier that isn’t too hard on the eye.

The water tank is held in a drawer on the front face of the unit, to make changing the tanks easier in between cycles. Furthermore, this product was also designed with built-in handles and wheels to aid in the transport of the Dehumidifier from one room to the next. We love to see products that are designed for the consumer’s convenience, and so this was a big plus for us.


Help & Support

hOmeLabs maintain an excellent standard of customer service. On their website, the user is provided with details on how to contact them via phone, email, or live chat. An FAQ’s page is also provided to cater for customers who do not wish to speak to a representative.

The hME020030N benefits from a generous 2-year warranty, with an extra 6 months added on if the customer registers themselves on the hOmeLabs website.


hOmeLabs hME020030N – Summary

In summary, this is a very fashionable unit, for a very affordable price. With several automatic functions, this device all but runs itself. Therefore, we believe that the HME020030N would be perfect in a modern-home setting. Our team specifically enjoyed how many features were included solely for consumer convenience. With an impressive customer support network behind them, there’s no fear of being left in the cold. It is for all of these reasons that our team agreed that we would count this as among the best dehumidifiers we have reviewed.


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