LG LT1236CER Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Our team had a look at the LG LT1236CER in-wall air conditioning unit. A powerful dehumidifier and air conditioner all rolled into one, this is one of the most impressive in-wall air conditioner units we have come across to date.

by Tom Green

One of the largest, and most versatile brands we have encountered in our reviews of HVAC products, LG Electronics are world-renowned for their extensive catalog of top-quality products that cater to a wide variety of consumer needs. From their kitchen appliances to their more advanced entertainment-related products such as HD televisions, LG has proven themselves capable of meeting the demands of any market, and their air conditioner range is no exception. Today our analyst team will be assessing the LG LT1236CER wall air conditioner, to see if it has what it takes to carry the LG name with pride. Check out our full review below for all the information you need to know about this formidable unit.


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LG LT1236CER Air Conditioner Review


Cooling Performance

The LG LT1236CER provides the user with 11,500 BTUs of cooling power, servicing an estimated area of 530 sq. ft. Additionally, this wall-mounted unit is capable of removing up to 3.9 pints of moisture per hour from the air in your home, which is a considerably higher rate than most units of this class. We would recommend this unit for installation in medium-large sized living spaces.


Efficiency & Certifications

Energy Star Qualified, this unit boasts an impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio (‘EER’) of 10.6, which is above the 9.7 industry average. However, this unit has, by comparison, one of the worst maximum airflow ratings, coming in at 265cfm. This isn’t a deal breaker, however it does mean that this unit will struggle to effectively circulate the air in your living space. The consequence of this is that changes in air temperature might take a little longer than you might expect.



As far as convenience is concerned, the LG LT1236CER has most of the features we look for in this kind of air conditioning unit. Controllable via a wireless remote control, settings on this device may be changed from anywhere in the room. In addition to this feature, the LG LT1236CER features a built-in 24-hour timer, allowing the operator to schedule which hours they would like their unit to power-on for.

An Auto Restart function enables the device to reboot itself following an unprecedented power outage. This is especially useful for those of us living in environments that endure frequent storms.

A Fan Mode is available for air circulation without the cooling effect, as is a Dehumidify only mode, which pulls moisture from the air, without cooling it. Combine this with 3 fan speeds and you have increased user customisability.



With an in-built air filter, you needn’t worry about large airborne pollutants with this unit. Filtering out particulates such as hair and dust, this unit will have a noticeably positive effect on your home.

With 4-way directional louvers, output from this device can be directed at specific areas of your home for maximum effect.

Weighing 82lbs, we would not recommend attempting to lift this unit without aid. Further, with an indoor dBA of 59, this unit is not the most quiet of those we have reviewed. However, it registers in and around the noise level of an average human conversation, which is usually about 60dB on average.


Help & Support

LG, being one of the larger and more established brands of the industry, maintains an extensive range of customer services. With representatives contactable via email and the immensely useful online Live Chat, you’re never far from speaking with someone at LG. Further, downloadable user manuals are available on LG’s website in the unfortunate case of you misplacing your physical copy. A detailed FAQs section is also available on the same website.

The LG LT1236CER is backed by a 1-year appliance, and a 1-year compressor warranty. For more information regarding warranty policies, we recommend that you contact LG directly.



All things considered, we believe this to be an exceptional unit. Well designed, and with most of the features we would usually ask of a unit such as this, the LG LT1236CER performs quite well in all the most important aspects. However, the lack of a sleep mode and auto mode are a shame, as these are two features that we love to see in home AC units. The low airflow rating is regrettable, but slightly more forgivable.

In conclusion, this is a fine unit, however if you are more so in the market for convenience, this unit lacks many of the convenience enhancing features that are reasonably common in the industry today. However, if it’s sheer power you’re looking for, both in cooling and dehumidifying capabilities, this unit may be for you.