Rheem 4 Ton RA1448AJ1NA Air Conditioner

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

Here at Air Conditioners Rated, our goal is simple, to bring you all the honest information you need to know to make the right decision on which air conditioner is best for you. Check out our Rheem 4 Ton central air conditioner review to see if we’ve hit the nail with this unit.

by Tom Green

One of the most well-renowned air conditioner manufacturers on the market, Rheem surely have built up quite the reputation for themselves over time. Today we will be reviewing just one of the many successful HVAC product’s that Rheem have introduced to the market, to see how it fares up against our expectations. Welcome to our Rheem 4 Ton RA1448AJ1NA central air conditioner review.

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Rheem 4 Ton RA1448AJ1NA Air Conditioner


Cooling Performance

The Rheem 4 Ton central air conditioner is capable of providing the user with up to 48,000 BTUs of cooling power, making it one of the more powerful units on the market today. This makes the unit suitable for very large residential, or commercial properties.


Efficiency & Certifications

The Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of a unit provides a reliable measurement of a unit’s efficiency while in operation. With the industry average EER currently standing at 9.7, any unit that scores over 10 would generally be considered to be highly efficient. Therefore, as the Rheem 4 Ton scores an EER of 12, this product can be relied upon to save you a hefty sum of money over time. Additionally, this unit scores a SEER rating of 14-16. With efficiency figures like this, it should come as no surprise that tis product is Energy Star certified, meaning the Rheem 4 Ton will perform to a level of efficieny that adheres to strict guidelines set out by the Environmental Protection Agency regarding energy consumption.

Additionally, other certifications enjoyed by the Rheem 4 Ton central air conditioner unit include being UL-Listed, which means that this unit has been safety assessed by Underwriters Laboratories, and has been proven to be safe for public use. Finally, this product also enjoys an AHRI performance certification.



The Rheem 4 Ton air conditioner benefits from several design features that make it all the more resilient against weathering conditions etc. One such feature is the cabinets rust resistant screws which have been confirmed through a 1500-hour salt spray test procedure. Additionally, the cabinet’s curved louver panels will protect the interior coil of the unit, while also strengthening the unit. Concerning noise levels, unfortunately this unit is slightly loud, although such setbacks are to be expected when investing in a unit of this strength. With the average human conversation registering at approximately 60dB, the Rheem 4 Ton air conditioner comes in at roughly 75.8dBA, which is significantly louder.

Dimensions (Inches)

Height: 31″

Width: 35.8″

Length: 35.8″

Weight: 221lbs


Help & Support

As is the case with many Rheem air conditioning products, the Rheem 4 Ton air conditioner benefits from its manufacturer’s generous 10-year conditional parts limited warranty coverage plan, with required registration. In the unlikely scenario that you should encounter an issue with your Rheem product, the company also provide their users with a wealth of useful resources, accessible through their official website. These include resources such as FAQs, downloadable user documents, and trained professionals contactable via online web-form.



If you have a very large property that requires cooling, Rheem’s range of central air conditioners are a personal favourite of ours. By blending high performance with efficiency, the user can enjoy the best of both worlds; enhanced cooling performance, without costing you a fortune. We would definitely give this product our own seal of approval for the market.

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