Sunpentown WA-8070E Air Conditioner Review

Last Updated: March 31, 2021

The Sunpentown WA-8070E portable air conditioner is designed for environmental friendliness, using sustainable refrigerant and chemical-free materials. While not the most energy-efficient aircon machine, its low output and dehumidifying functionality make it a standout performer in offices or smaller apartments.

by Tom Green
Sunpentown WA-8070E

We assessed the Sunpentown WA-8070E portable air conditioner unit, to see how it compared to other units on the market. For a retail price of approximately $280, it has the right price tag, but how well does it perform? Read our full review to find out.


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Sunpentown WA-8070E – a genuine ‘steal’

This light portable AC unit from Sunpentown may not be capable of cooling an entire building, but we believe that, when it’s put to work in the right way, the Sunpentown WA-8070E is more than capable of getting the job done. And if you are browsing the affordable price bracket, then look no further.

One of the best portable air conditioner units from Sunpentown and on the entire market, this AC has been designed for environmental friendliness. It uses the non-ozone depleting refrigerant R410A, while its RoHS compliant components are free of harmful chemicals.


Cooling Performance

The Sunpentown WA-8070E offers 8,000 BTU. This unit is most suited to small rooms, as it has a suggested range of only 250 square feet. Two fan speeds are also included in order to achieve the preferred airflow.


Efficiency & Certifications

The Sunpentown WA-8070E has an energy efficiency rating (EER) of 8.9. While this is not an ideal rating, the WA-8070E has other benefits that not all portable AC’s can offer. For example, this unit removes moisture from the air, while in AC mode. In other words, the dehumidifier functions in the background.

There is also a programmable timer up to 24 hours, to allow for more efficient use of the product.

As far as certifications are concerned, we believe this is a star unit. The Sunpentown WA-8070E easily meets UL safety standards. The WA-8070E uses Self-Evaporating Technology. The unit extracts water from the air, then recycling it, uses the water to cool the cooling coils, thus making the unit run more efficiently.



Weighing 51lbs, this unit can be easily lifted and moved—using its caster wheels—to wherever you need it in the home or the office. The WA-8070E’s six-foot cord also gives the unit a greater flexibility than many other air conditioners.

Another useful aspect of the Sunpentown WA-8070E we found, was its washable air filters, which collect dust from the air.

This unit can be operated by remote control, and it will shut down if it is left unattended for any significant degree of time. The Sunpentown WA-8070E’s decibel rating stands at 54 dBA, which is relatively quiet compared to other ACs.

Finally, the WA-8070E also has its own built-in water tank, or extended water tube so that it can facilitate continuous drainage.



The WA-8070E is not the most aesthetically pleasing AC unit out there, with a design that is admittedly quite dated. An unattractive grill covering the front face is reminiscent of technology developed decades ago.

However, when it comes to functionality, the WA-8070E cannot be faulted in its design. It’s small, light, and portable, which one would imagine are incredibly central ‘tick boxes’ for anyone seeking a good quality portable air conditioner. It is clear that it was never intended to be the centre piece of a grand room, but it’s definitely agile enough to make a small room that much more comfortable on a hot summer’s day.


Sunpentown WA-8070E – Help & Support

The WA-8070E benefits from a one-year limited manufacturer Warranty. If you wish to get in contact with SPT Appliance, the manufacturers of the unit, their contact details are available on the website, and they offer customer contact by phone, fax, email and postal mail.


Sunpentown WA-8070E – Summary

While the Sunpentown WA-8070E is no Porsche, it admirably holds its own among the best portable air conditioner appliances, due to its affordability, portability and eco-friendliness.

This appliance would not be suitable for large spaces, but it will do a fast and efficient job in small- to lower medium-sized rooms. Attempting to utilise the WA-8070E in a larger room would be futile, and inefficient. Overall, for the price of this unit, you would have difficulty finding a better air conditioner for small to medium spaces.

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